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Who am I?

MY name is Evgeniy Kiselev, the man who lives in the sunny Land of rabbits and feeling so good to be a designer.

My activities?

I'm constantly contemplating beautiful things connected both with web design and nature. I think my mind is very visual. And in my WORK always try to create new things by absorbing absolutely unexpected ideas from live spinning around me.
I'm free-lancing around web-design, polygraphy and logos.

What am I doing else?

I'm looking for everything amazing in this world and draw my inspiration from divine things surrounding me wherever I go and learn something new from a new day. I'm so proud to have such a job and hope it will change some things in the world for better. It IS quite possible. I'm enjoying to be with my funny baby and my dear wife, they serve a role of a good muse in my work.

Abilities and interests?

I have a high education degree in the field of marketing. Can speak Russian, English, Spanish. I'm also fond of photography, hand-making, interior design, vj-ing, dj-ing, crazy about music and any kind of ART.

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+34 603 322 444

Spain, Bilbao

if you want to get in touch with me or just to say something you are welcome to send me a message:

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